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MetOcean Solutions Ltd – providing environmental guidance through leading edge science

MetOcean Solutions are an innovative team of scientists offering high quality environmental data, weather forecasting and numerical modelling services to the offshore O&G and maritime industry.

Their offices are based in New Plymouth & Raglan New Zealand. They apply state of the art oceanographic and atmospheric modelling services to produce detailed forecast and historical data for any location and shipping route in the world. This includes a full assessment of the wind, wave, tidal and current conditions - over the next 7 days or over the last 33 years!    

The Managing Director, Dr Peter McComb, is an O&G industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience.

Since 2005, MetOcean Solutions has invested heavily in developing leading-edge scientific tools and operational systems to assist offshore O&G clients in dealing with real world problems.

“One example is the installation and operation of a jackup rig” says Peter.

“First we use our extensive hindcast metocean database to analyse the historical conditions, within the context of the current climatic situation, and produce very specific guidance for all aspects of the operations.  This enables our clients to plan their offshore exploration projects with greater confidence, and more effectively manage the weather risks involved with working at sea. Included in this scope are design storm conditions, expected downtime and waiting-on-weather scenarios, oil spill trajectory and dispersal of drill cuttings.”   

“Detailed environmental analysis undertaken before the project commences, followed by operational metocean forecast guidance throughout the project can minimise downtime and enhance efficiency, safety and security of people and assets” Peter explains.

MetOcean Solutions’s specialist forecast services include vessel motions and the prediction of oil spills from multiple sites under a range of scenarios. Such simulations provide invaluable intelligence to inform response strategies and operational requirements in emergency situations. This service was put to good use by Maritime New Zealand in the recent Rena grounding incident, during which time MetOcean Solutions were the primary forecast provider to the cleanup and salvage operation.

Below: An oil slick streams from the Rena. MetOcean provided forecast information to assist with the cleanup operation.

A 33-year high resolution atmospheric and oceanic hindcast of all New Zealand – new data from MetOcean Solutions

The science team have recently completed an extensive 33-year atmospheric and oceanic hindcast for all New Zealand.

“Having this extensive, validated dataset is a very significant step forward. New Zealand has a very complex oceanic environment, and being able to accurately characterise the conditions at hourly intervals over 33 years (i.e. 1979-2011) allows more confidence in the analytical outcomes. Now, with a third of a century to work with, we can develop robust statistics and undertake valuable time series simulations” says Peter.

Below: 33-year high resolution hindcast over New Zealand can be provided from Metocean

While the company is proudly New Zealand-based, they have been picking up an increasing number of global contracts, including North Sea, NW Shelf and the Bass Strait in Australia, the Persian Gulf and India, Indonesia / Malaysia, Mediterranean Sea, West Africa among other locations.

MetOcean Solutions is another great example of the many innovative, knowledge based, globally-competitive companies that make up the New Zealand O&G industry, and is certainly one to watch.


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