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Geosearch Ltd

Contact email:
Years of operation in O&G industry: 1-4 years
Brief company description:
Geosearch was formed in 1996 and is a Taranaki based geological consultancy which specialises in envionmental impact assessments, resource consent (environmental permit) applications, and freshwater use and development. We have an unparalleld knowledge of Taranaki's groundwater resources. Based on a classical training, a background in O&G drilling locally and regulatory control under the Resource Management Act, we can offer sound advice on environmental matters.
Type of O&G business:
Head office location: Taranaki (NZ)
Projects in which your company has been significantly involved:
Subsurface & drilling:
  • Drilling
  • Geology
Environmental Protection, Carbon Emission & Protection:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and/or Assessment of Environment Effects (AEE)
  • Environmental consultancy