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Drill Force New Zealand Ltd

Contact email:
Years of operation in O&G industry: 1-4 years
Brief company description:
Drilling Contractor with a modern nine (9) truck track and tractor mounted drilling rigs, providing drilling services such as: Seismic Shot Hole Drilling and Loading Oil and Gas Pre-collars Oil and Gas Exploration Wells Oil and Gas Production Wells Oil and Gas Well Completions Oil and Gas Well Work-overs De-Watering Wells Injection Wells Geotechnical Drilling Wire-line coring Drilling capabilities in excess of 2,000m depth For more information and our company profile, please refer to our web site
Type of O&G business:
O and G supply chain/support company/organisation or agency
Head office location: Auckland (NZ)
Head office location (International): New Zealand
Projects in which your company has been significantly involved:
Coal seam gas/unconventional oil and gas
Other New Zealand projects: Puka -1 production well drilling and completion, Ranui-2 exploration well, Solid Energy CSG and UCG production and exploration wells (20+)
Other certifications: ACC WSMP Secondary level EHS Certification
Field operations:
Rig services/support
Subsurface & drilling:
  • Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Coring
  • Workover
  • Completion
  • Seismic/data acquisition - land
  • Turnkey operations