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A number of comprehensive online tools are available to seach current oil and gas activity in New Zealand.

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  • Who is exploring where in New Zealand
  • Their work programmes
  • The latest permit activity

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Other Useful supporting information and search tools: 

Click here to purchase the latest NZ permit map (PDF).

GNS have pulled together a wide range of geoscience information together thanks to a two-year project called the Petroleum Exploration and Geosciences Initiative (PEGI). It comprises 15 research data projects designed to enhance knowledge of Taranaki and other key prospective basins around New Zealand.

Click here to view in detail the PEGI project components.

A flagship of the PEGI project is an interactive web portal called the Petroleum Basin Explorer (PBE). PBE is the interface to access all the 15 outputs under the PEGI Project. Click here to register and access PBE

Taranaki Regional Council's Regional Xplorer provides public access to district and regional council information. Maps provide location information which could be useful to the O&G industry.