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Oil & Gas Production for Non-Technical Managers


12th June, 2018 - 13th June, 2018


New Plymouth



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Bright Star Training

This is a two day fundamentals level course for non-technical staff that are new to the industry, with limited experience or just need a better understanding of oil & gas concepts and terminology.

It is vitally important that people who are new to the oil and gas industry understand the bigger picture before beginning to learn ‘on the job’. This course was developed simply to help non technical staff understand what technical personnel were talking about. It is very hard to provide good support and guidance if people do not understand the basics of the industry.

This course will give you a basic overview of oil and gas production process, and associated utilities. You will learn how oil and gas is located, how the reservoir produces and flows via wells and how the oil and gas is processed and transported to its destination.

You will also understand the basic principles of operation, not theoretically as in a technical education, but practically from a real world operational point of view.

Key Learning Outcomes        

  • Basic understanding of conventional & unconventional formations
  • The differences between onshore and offshore production and processing
  • Gas treatment process
  • Oil separation process
  • Water treatment process
  • Working principles of the equipment used to produce oil and gas
  • The changing role of oil and gas in a sustainable energy future