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Date Posted: 24/11/2016

Energy in New Zealand 2016 provides annual information on and analysis of New Zealand's Energy Sector.

Date Posted: 10/04/2015
by Venture Taranaki

One page summation of key facts and figures about the contribution of the oil and gas industry to the New Zealand economy.

Date Posted: 15/07/2015
by Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)

Guidelines for food producers and processors about how to ensure food safety and animal welfare after spreading rocks and minerals from drilling oil and gas wells on land, including the practice known as landfarming.

Date Posted: 13/12/2013
by Taranaki Regional Council (TRC)

A guide to regulating oil and gas exploration and development - including hydraulic fracturing - under the RMA. The 240 page guide distills the TRC's experience in this field over 3 decades and its intent is to promote a consistent and integrated approach among NZ agencies.

Date Posted: 9/09/2013
by Immigration NZ

Workshop notes: Immigration NZ vision/goals; Visa policy and processes including residence and work options; tools to help employers.